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663. taragana.com
662. blog.guykawasaki.com
661. gadgets.boingboing.net
665. blogthings.com
666. bp1.blogger.com
667. 9to5mac.com

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weeaboo-chan: did-you-kno: What would someone name their kid...
Post Source: zwerven.tumblr.com
Posted: Dec 09 2011 06:07:07

weeaboo-chan : did-you-kno : What would someone name their kid if they were to name it after Tumblr? “Dashboard” or ” Reblog”, may be :). Source oh my god that poor child gonna name my baby reblog......

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Every Android device now infringes Apple patent: Slide to unlock | ZDNet
Post Source: ruark.tumblr.com
Posted: Oct 26 2011 16:41:05

Every Android device now infringes Apple patent: Slide to unlock | zdnet : Gosh all those old deadbolt manufacturers better change their plans :-/  Apple is such a patent troll.......

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[Possible Spam Post detected]
Post Source: tsenniche.tumblr.com
Posted: Oct 26 2011 00:59:03

...quo;Expand This Mention’ below for details....

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iOS will dominate other tablet platforms until at least 2017 (report)
Post Source: hazima.wordpress.com
Posted: Oct 25 2011 08:54:44

Many analysts and surveys predict that Android will significantly catch up to iOS ' at least on the tablet market share " by 2012. However, a new report about tablet PC architectures from market research and consulting firm DisplaySearch hypothesizes that tablets running Android...

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Data Explorer、Drawbridge、等々
Post Source: ufcpp.wordpress.com
Posted: Oct 18 2011 16:21:31

家のメイン マシン’ Windows 8 にして まっ 、いろ いろ’ リセ トして しまっ がた にいろ いろ滞 てま た。特 に、先 もの っ"い 忙しか たの 手伝っ て。 ようや フィ ド消- す...

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Graphicly is helping bring comic books to iTunes
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Oct 17 2011 22:24:03

With the launch of iOS5 and iPhone 4S comes a new featured app called Newsstand. With Newsstand, you can purchase newspapers and magazines through iTunes, just like with iBooks and have it stored in the new app. There are a few apps available already in Newsstand such as the New York Time...

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Post Source: randalputnam.wordpress.com
Posted: Oct 15 2011 23:02:46

This story  about electronic bicycle brakes brings me no joy.  I love electronics.  Hifis, digital cameras and computers make me smile every day.  Even so, some things are best when they remain purely mechanical.  Typewriters come to mind.  Some hybrid machines make sense (I am happy to ha...

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Congress questions on Amazon Silk Browser
Post Source: www.tabletpcexpert.co.uk
Posted: Oct 15 2011 15:31:31

Amazon unveiled it’s Kindle Fire 7 inch Tablet few weeks before. However the release of this new Android Tablet also brought issues and questions about its Silk Browser. Amazon is proud of its Silk browser as it has considerably reduced the loading time of the web page. Though it has en...

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Customer Service in the News | Week of October 3
Post Source: cccbuzz.exbdblogs.com
Posted: Oct 04 2011 16:32:29

Customer Service News As we climb out of recession, are we entering the age of the customer experience? [ The Globe and Mail ] Trending up: consumers give high marks for U.S. businesses when it comes to customer service in the last year [ Chain Store Age ] ‘All hands on deck’ at Verizon call...

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Transparency is Key – the new paradigm shift
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Oct 04 2011 13:36:37

 Transparency? A post which was ALLOWED to go out ' from Tech Crunch I’m Leaving TechCrunch. Here’s Why. Posted: 16 Sep 2011 02:59 PM PDT So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost...

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