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639. sciam.com
638. veoh.com
637. bleacherreport.com
641. buffalonews.com
642. govtrack.us
643. istockphoto.com

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Flat Tire…
Post Source: gettinby.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 30 2011 13:00:43

This Christmas, we were trying out new traditions.  First, there was Husband’s amazing smoked turkey, d efinitely a keeper, and my bacon jam, seen here , which was delicious.  But the crowning glory of any meal is the dessert, and while mine tasted pretty good, its creation was an epi...

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Raise The Palestinian Flag (3rd commemoration)
Post Source: hannawilburs.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 25 2011 20:03:33

This is one of my most viewed post since I posted it last year. I’m re-blogging this before the third com memoration  of the Israeli attack on Gaza (December 27th 2008). Re-blog: Raise The Palestinian Flag *** Have a Peaceful Christmas and a Happy (and Blessed) New...

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Post Source: nobodysnormal.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 23 2011 19:32:43

Merry Christmas Eve! I’ve got my first new post up on ryansprague.com. It’s the first in a multiple part conversation about why we look forward to Christmas. I’d love for you to read it and share your thoughts. Remember, I’ll be doing a lot of writing on the new blog site...

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Of Wrapping Papers, Ribbons and Bows (Reblog)
Post Source: hannawilburs.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 21 2011 04:20:37

It is that time of the year my friends…’tis the season to enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows, staying in, getting cozy and catching up on movies….. well what would all that be without the company of family and/or friends, right?   And in the spirit of showing gratitude, I guess Christmas ...

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[Possible Spam Post detected]
Post Source: socmare.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 19 2011 14:34:16

...quo;Expand This Mention’ below for details....

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Marks and Spencer – Food on the Move, Baker Street
Post Source: coverpointfood.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 17 2011 11:10:02

... are making a play to win the lunchtime market. S ainsbury s has been chief among them with a ‘Fresh Kitchen’ concept launched early this year, ( see this link to our Blog article  http://wp. me/p13ygr- 50  ) and Waitrose is also looking closely at the potential in this secto...

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Friday Five (and a Breakfast Cake)
Post Source: clairetherd.com
Posted: Dec 16 2011 17:30:00

1) I had a guest post on becoming an RD  on Peace, Love, and Oats last weekend while Katie was prepping for her finals.  Go check it out. 2) Melissa said this popcorn is available at Whole Foods.  Could be bad news for my waistline. 3) I’m going to run a few miles a...

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Mishka, the Russian Winter, and Terror in the Homeland
Post Source: kulturcritic.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 16 2011 14:59:41

Click Image to Read Full Article “Now is the winter of our discontent” ' William Shakespeare “Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home.” ' Stanley Diamond Well, the thaw may be on, but winter in Russia is just getting started!  And sleepy Mishka &...

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Beachbody Challenge? What’s That?
Post Source: coachkristen.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 16 2011 06:07:06

If you read my last post , you were introduced to the concept of the “Beachbody Challenge Group.”  This program is designed to provide a total package solution for people looking to get healthier, get more fit, lose weight, etc. For these challenges, I coach a small group of people t...

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