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918. marvel.com
917. cinemablend.com
916. swiss-miss.com
920. technabob.com
921. lvrj.com
922. entrepreneur.com

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Newt- Freedom Of Expression For Believers Only
Post Source: ojotaylor.wordpress.com
Posted: Dec 13 2011 06:09:11

The GOP presidential candidates have been asked to sign a number of pledges  opposing taxes, gay marriage, and supporting the Tea Party’s Contract from America while they campaign for their party’s nomination.  Bob Vander Plaats, a conservative who ran for election to the state house...

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thedailywhat: Second Occupy Movement News Update of the Day: 24...
Post Source: thekeyofv.tumblr.com
Posted: Oct 16 2011 01:06:47

thedailywhat : Second Occupy Movement News Update of the Day:  24 Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were locked inside the La Guardia Place Citibank branch and arrested for criminal trespassing . They were attempting to close their bank account at the time. Footage captured at the scene sh...

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The 53 Percent Tumblr devolving into madness
Post Source: bear-patrol.tumblr.com
Posted: Oct 12 2011 20:37:00

I’m confused. I’m told repeatedly by the wingnuts that Obama is responsible for unemployment because of his anti-business policies. I’m now told here that people are solely responsible for everything that happens to them. Which is it exactly? A commenter on wonkette  sums up the cogni...

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