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246595. ncrw.org
246594. dailytroll.com
246597. thinkinganglicans.org.uk
246598. agelessmarketing.typepad.com

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Leonardo’s Robots / Renaissance man meets mechanical man
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Dec 28 2009 08:00:01

As I have mentioned numerous times, I was obsessed with science and technology as a child. I was especially fond of robots—both real and fictional. The magazines I read showed glossy photos of household robots that could vacuum the carpet and serve drinks; it was clear that human beings would ...

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Content Amplifications
Post Source: scattergather.razorfish.com
Posted: Dec 11 2009 17:06:13

Kick back with some groovy content combinations.  (Image by the talented Derek Yaniger ) The holidays are almost here, so it seems like a good time for a little game. A couple years ago, I added a page to our internal wiki called “UXi fication.& #8221; We explained* it like this: ...

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Arenas bituminosas ¿el próximo petróleo?
Post Source: www.alpoma.net
Posted: Dec 02 2009 18:21:02

El tema es polémico, sobre todo en Canadá, y de momento hay demasiadas preguntas sin respuesta, casi todas desde el punto de vista ambiental. A pesar de ello, y sin entrar en los debates típicos, tópicos y desgastados sobre si “queda” mucho petróleo por extraer, sí quisiera hoy lla...

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How Xanadu Works: technical overview
Post Source: dubinko.info
Posted: Nov 23 2009 06:49:32

One particular conversation I’ve overheard several times, often in the context of web and standards development, has always intrigued me. It goes something like this: You know, Ted Nelson’s hypertext system from the 60’s had unbreakable, two-way links. It was elegant. But then ca...

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Mail Recovery Centers / Undead letter offices
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Nov 09 2009 08:00:01

Mail used to be one of my favorite things in the world. I was always excited to see what might be in the mailbox today: a letter from one of my many correspondents, a magazine, a check, photos I’d sent out for processing, a gift from a friend or relative, a catalog full of interesting things, ...

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Are ICTs an Effective Alternative to Aid?
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Oct 01 2009 02:23:59

With Dambisa Moyo sounding off in wired magazine that we should Cut Off Aid to Africa , that is favor investment over grants to government, its time we ask ourselves if information and communication technologies are a help or hindrance to development. In our search for answers, or at least a in-...

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alguno tuvo la curiosidad de saber de qu color es el cosmos?
Post Source: www.foroexpreso.com
Posted: May 24 2009 13:41:14

Segn los cientficos el color es BEIGE y no turquesa ni aguamarina. Ellos "comb inaron&quo t; la luz de 200,000 galaxias para llegar a esa conclusin: Universe: Beige, not Turquoise No entiendo -personalmente- por qu ellos deberan juntar las luces de galaxias ya que la luz si no tie...

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