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2215. longtail.com
2214. dyn.politico.com
2213. 20min.ch
2217. winsupersite.com
2218. ja.wikipedia.org
2219. kenlongassoc.com

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springwise.nl    m.springwise.com   

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Russian ATM can detect when users are lying
Post Source: redmango.tumblr.com
Posted: Nov 03 2011 09:17:06

Russian ATM can detect when users are lying : As more and more security measures are being brought in to make internet banking securer than ever before, it was only a matter of time before we saw similar precautions introduced at ATM machines. Now, Moscow-based  Sberbank  has developed a ban...

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A wrap up of what has caught my eye in the world of communications this week…
Post Source: zoescaman.tumblr.com
Posted: Oct 20 2011 03:46:22

KILLING THE CLICK What was once digital advertising’s dirty little secret is now its big, ugly problem. Online ad performance figures are dismal:   less than 1% of web users click on banner ads & online ad spend is yet to increase to a rate proportionate to usage, and   no one can agre...

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