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Making lemonade from lemons: A CEO’s humbling experience navigating this uncharted economic storm
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 22 2009 19:56:13

...apon in my arsenal. Once I accepted that, I recognized that this is the ideal opportunity to put into practice many of the suggestions made on our blog over the past year. When strategies that were successful in the past are no longer working, it’s time to step back and see what changes can be made to the business that will carr...

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“We need to change the way the world does business”
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 13 2009 16:22:32

Those words were said to me recently by the CEO of a Boston-area software firm who read How to Find New Customers , the highly regarded white paper. What does he mean?  The way the world finds and acquires new customers is broken.  This is well documented in my recently feature article at Sales...

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The Train Wreck Almost Nobody Foresaw
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 09 2009 21:25:12

...ght leadership content.  Lead nurturing, the process of gaining the trust of potential buyers has moved to the forefront. What are you doing to avoid a train wreck?......

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Traditional Sales and Marketing Roles are Blurring
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 07 2009 13:08:50

...roadcast messaging, buyer behavior, evangelism, functional silos, Marketing, relationship dynamics, rules changing, Sales, Sales Journal, Social Media, social search......

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Comment on What is a “fearless competitor?” by Avril Shelton
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 10 2009 18:02:18

...ere calling and thinking about why they were calling. I’d rather make smart sales, rather than be worn out and down while waiting for my number to come up. A balance must be found. http://www .salesjour

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