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Posted: Sep 11 2011 00:00:00

Christopher and Tommy
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Posted: Sep 02 2011 18:57:18

Things kick off very nicely indeed with some passionate kissing, touching and rolling around on the bed as the guys quickly undress each other. Tommy gets a mouthful first and expertly works Christopher’s uncut cock while receiving a thorough fingering! The roles reverse and Christopher greedi...

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Tattoed emo dude can suck his own cock, u have got see this
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Posted: Aug 27 2011 03:41:39

...&HTML=h ttp://alte rnadudes.c om/galleri es/rocky/y oung-tatto oed-emo-pu nk-sucks-h is-own-coc k.html Tattoed emo dude can suck his own cock, u have got see this Leave a Comment......

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JP & Tony - Natural Horny Man Sex!!!
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Posted: Aug 19 2011 07:35:57

This is natural, horny man sex at its best again this week as site favourite Tony uses his big, thick uncut cock and takes charge over power bottom JP! But oddly enough this film was actually completely unplanned when they met up during other shoots the wanton lust and desire for each other was ...

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