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Your Unified Schedule: Integrating Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 27 2011 13:18:18

As the last few days of 2011 come to a festive end, social marketers are considering the implications of their future marketing strategies for 2012. One thing is clear ‚Ä' all online marketing has become inherently social. To continue to keep your social marketing and online marketing pursuits s...

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On ProBlogger! Building a LOYAL Blog Following
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 20 2011 01:20:20

I am so excited to announce that today, I was featured on the ever-popular copywriting site, problogger ! My post? 6 Steps to a Loyal Blog Following Only a week ago, when Nina Badzin posted about getting more comments on your blog, several of you asked how to expand your readership. How do ...

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links for 2011-10-12
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 13 2011 01:52:12

blogbirds: So this is it. Very impressed with this first piece of video from #MAOnlineJournalism student @franzibaehrle http://t.c o/6GdXhcsz (tags: MAOnlineJournalism ) @alexwoodcreates here you go: http://t.c o/avCefcjQ #cityOJ @alexwoodcreates here you ...

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VlogTalk Linkup
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 11 2011 02:30:37

This week’s prompts for you to pick from: 1)  Are you ready for some football?  What is your favorite tailgating (or couch-watching) football food to make? 2) Fall fashion show! 3) 30 second  elevator pitch  for your blog. The #vlogtalk Twitter chat will be Tuesday ...

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VlogTalk Prompts
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 06 2011 07:01:01

Ready to get your vlog on? Here’s the new prompts: 1)  Are you ready for some football?  What is your favorite tailgating (or couch-watching) football food to make? 2) Fall fashion show! 3) 30 second elevator pitch for your blog. Quick reminder on the  guid...

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