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In Which I, Too, Have Been A Chicken Shit
Post Source:
Posted: May 14 2009 20:01:39

I’ve been terrified to write about this, for many of the same reasons Kevin won’t write about the Hockey Team of Politically Incorrect Nomenclature. But I have to write something before Jeff gets on me: Don’t look now, but the Brewers are 17-5 (.773) in their last 22 ga...

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PBR: Rwanda and Reconciliation
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 20 2009 15:31:30

This year April 6th marked the 15th anniversary of beginning of the genocide in Rwanda. Catherin Claire Larson, a senior writer and editor at Prison Fellowship Ministries , has written a new book called As We Forgive: Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda , which focuses on how such wounds opene...

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Post Source:
Posted: Apr 01 2009 20:57:27

Jeff is nagging me (us) to write about Calipari’s departure from Memphis . To which I say, *shrug*. The Tiger basketball program will almost certainly suffer in the short-term, but I’m a Badgers fan first and foremost (Marquette #2), so I’m ambivalent about this...

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Okay, here are some real reviews on The Shack
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 08 2009 05:05:46

In case you don’t know, The Shack is a novel written by William P. Young that is selling like crazy and has been called everything from “won derfulR 21; to “her eticalR 21; (and everything in between). I have not read The Shack and do not have much interest in read...

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Calling Matt Curtis
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 16 2009 22:09:56

You’ve asked questions of me here , but Mr. D. has closed the comment thread over there (apparently, we overstayed our welcome), so I’m responding here. Other readers are certainly welcome to comment, but it may help to read the post and our exchange up to this point. Anyway,...

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Just Courage: God’s Great Expedition for the Restless Christian, by Gary A. Haugen
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 11 2008 14:29:15

Mr. Dawn Treader posts a short review : “ The Gist : God is calling Christians out of a life pursuing safety, comfort and triviality to a life of courage and adventure by joining in the struggle for justice in this world.   What holds us back?  Ignorance about the problems of injustice a...

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Convention Bumps are Over
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 18 2008 17:27:51

See RCP . The DNC bump and the RNC bump (really more of a Palin Bump) are pretty much over, and we’re right back where we were before either convention started, with the trend running slightly Democratic yet again. Note to Mr. Dawntreader : So much for your “New Surge.̶...

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Books [Evolving Thoughts]
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 25 2008 04:59:53

In addition to Fuller’s Science versus Religion , I also received my copy of Phil Dowe’s Galileo, Darwin and Hawking last week, and today arrives Roy Davies’ The Darwin Conspiracy (thanks, Roy; I will be as even handed as I can be), and Frank Schaeffer’s ...

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Chuck Colson Blog Tour
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 07 2008 14:10:00

Chuck Colson has begun a blog tour to support his new book, The Faith (and interestingly, this blog tour is actually modeled on the one I put together with the publicity team at Crossway after the release of my book). I was asked to participate in this tour and agreed to do so because I wa...

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