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NW Michigan: greening up Grand Traverse Resort
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 25 2011 20:59:33

| Traverse City Eco | Before Hemingway became obsessed with bullfighting, big-game hunting and deep-sea fishing, Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay region inspired his youthful imagination. In the woods beyond the family cottage and the opulent resort hotels, he eyed wildlife, gun in...

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Place-based Governance: Michigan Leads the Way
Post Source:
Posted: May 13 2011 16:31:17

...deral Affairs, President, Michigan Municipal League Foundation, Jim Lively, Program Director, Michigan Land Use Institute , Nigel G. Griswold, Regional Planner, Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, nigelgrisw

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Farmers Markets by the Numbers
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 28 2011 20:44:17

At farmers markets across the country, Americans are in search of fresh, healthy food. What they also find is an opportunity to connect with farmers and ranchers and strengthen the local economy. More and more, farmers markets are helping to make healthy food available to more people. A look ...

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