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399229. dudung.net
399228. home.myuw.net
399231. s49.yousendit.com
399232. doien.blogspot.com

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Japanese Vines Class this weekend
Post Source: twistedpdx.com
Posted: Jul 22 2011 11:49:56

There’s still room in a very special class this weekend, Intro to Lace. Knitting lace is such a great Summertime project (don’t laugh, Summer will arrive!) – it’s light, airy, fits in your beach bag, isn’t too hot, too heavy, too…wooly. If you haven̵...

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A Stunning String Theory
Post Source: twistedpdx.com
Posted: Jun 08 2011 11:07:47

Michelle, of Mimoknits and Twisted teaching fame, took a skein of Malabrigo Sock in Primavera , Vivian’s gorgeously fantastic String Theory pattern, and a circular needle, and created something that literally took our breath away. Follow the links above to ma...

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