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Posted: Mar 20 2008 23:04:16

el 2005 fue el aao de james blunt y su you are beautiful una cancian que tocaron tanto que a todos termina por reventarnos los cojones. y es una lastima ya que el disco contenaa temas mucho mejores que en algunos momentos incluso recordaba al gran ray manzarek. de todas maneras algo siempre me llama...

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Instant SMS Friend Updates via
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 19 2007 01:12:39

i did something i havent done in a while opened up the tollfree line 1888pirillo to enable you to record your thoughts on the latest internet addiction twitter. according to the unofficial wiki twitter is a way of life. its living with a publicity policy. its friends romans and country people the ...

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What is a Podcast?
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 13 2007 01:31:27

are you checking into the podcast hotel the next one is taking place in san francisco on april 20 21 2007. thats only a few weeks away. to prepare everybody for this event i sat down and spoke with both john anthony hartman and alex williams about what makes podcasting podcasting. what is a podcast...

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Windows Home Server At CES 2007
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 02 2007 20:35:37

one of the more exciting announcements from microsoft at ces 2007 was the new windows home server product which aims to make storage and backup in the home easier. based on windows 2003 server the home server is a platform available to vendors like hp for deploying home backup and file management so...

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Windows Home Server at CES 2007
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 02 2007 03:53:26

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Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 Thoughts
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 31 2007 11:22:27

oh theres more content coming down the pike jakes still busy encoding interviews he did at ces a few weeks ago. until then im pushing my own personal envelope and inviting you along on a ride across town. since i spend a fair amount of time in my own car traveling to get a fine cup of peets coffee ...

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