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[List]Free DNS/Redirect/ShorteURL Subdomains
Post Source:
Posted: May 31 2010 23:35:51

... http://lin k.toolbot. com http://mak eashorterl h...

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Domains 101: Fun and Useful Things You Can Do with Domain Names; Part 3 of 3
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 10 2010 18:24:22

...o they don’t break off in unexpected places. http://www / Shorl offers not only url shortening but statistics as to how many people click on your new short name. http://mak eashorterl Make shorter link is another free service where you just type i...

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Post Source:
Posted: Oct 01 2009 04:23:22 work. The first one was by Giles Turnbull, and was about the use of URL shorteners – Giles said that he was responsible for the original idea which, with some help from other people, became makeashort . Giles described how they really didn’t anticipate the level of ab...

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TOP 33 Free URL Shortening Sites
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 13 2009 00:51:43

URL shortening is a technique makes a web page available under a very short URL in addition to the original address.I collected a list of the top 30 free URL shortening services.It will help On Twitter or instant message because status even a 60 character long URL can be too long. 1.Make Long ...

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