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A Challenge Launched by Another Blogger And Of Course…Other Media Failures
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 24 2010 23:17:38

Cross posted @ Sister Sage’s Musings Well, since the success of the rallies yesterday, many media outlets have covered this. Craig Oliver was impressed . Too bad CTV didn’t send anyone to many of the venues. I never saw them or Global TV at the Montreal event. I heard this was the c...

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Another poll shows overwhelming support for Colvin; majority want public inquiry.
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 27 2009 16:13:11

Hat tip to Steve V over at Far and Wide for seeing this poll, taken on November 24/25: 49% find Richard Colvin’s testimony credible; 10% side with federal government ministers. As Steve said, that’s a ratio of 5-1 of people polled who believe Colvin’s testimony over the g...

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skippy the bush kangaroo: rest in peace, by henry gibson
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 17 2009 06:18:05

www.celebr itytwitter – 618 Rants and Raves Agitprop The Agonist Allan’s Perspective Altercation Alternate Brain Alternet’s Peek All Things Democrat American Airspace (Berube) Amahchewahwah American Politics Journal And ...

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pissed off round up
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 28 2009 20:25:00

I wanted to do a round-up of progressive bloggers on this latest Liberal capitulation, but I don’t have the time. Fortunately, Allan does. Here’s another Redsock guest post to help keep us informed. Thanks to Accidental Deliberations for doing this first. - L From various progressive...

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