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Bamboozled: Obama Gives the Middle Class the Shaft in Stimulus Tax Cuts
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 12 2009 04:30:43

If you ever used Obama’s tax calculator, and actually believed the numbers, you’ll be disapp ointed   to see your new set of tax cuts. In short, the middle class gets the shaft, despite campaign promise after promise for the total opposite. Some facts on the tax cuts: &r...

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Daily Music Video: Full Devil Jacket: Stain
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 02 2008 17:21:39

Related Blogs Related Blogs on Devil One Three Hill Season 6 Episode 9 Sympathy for the Devil (S06E09) Devil Among the Tailors Credit Rating Exec: "We Sold Our Souls to the Devil " Related Blogs on Jacket The Astrid Jacket Related Blogs on Stain Wind...

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The Coming Global Stag-Deflation (Stagnation/Recession plus Deflation)
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 26 2008 19:17:25

...number of other economies (especially in Europe) and the likelihood of a sharp global economic slowdown has lead to concerns that the … kritikon Commonplace Book - http://www .kritikon. net/wordpr ess/ The New Great Depression is a Different Animal, Stupid...

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Harvesters Pleads For Food, Money Donations
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 11 2008 11:43:14

Source: KMBC Kansas City The city’s leading supplier of food for low-income families is in desperate need of donations. Harvesters said the number of families and area food pantries needing help is way up, but donations aren’t keeping up the pace. “Our food supply cannot ke...

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