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63435. eod.com
63434. whitehouse.org
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63437. bcferries.com
63438. thechrispirilloshow.com
63439. frsirt.com

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The Mis-Education of the Jewish Woman - Bridging the gap between Jewish university education and halachic home economics
Post Source: thetribevibe.net
Posted: Sep 08 2011 18:12:52

Consider a world in which the glass ceiling shelters your rabbi’s tisch, and boys clubs are divinely sanctioned in the form of chavrusa, mezuman, and minyan. Enter Shana Strauch Schick, who later this month will become the first woman to earn a doctorate in Talmud from Yeshiva University, the co...

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Sundown: Syria Broadcasts Hama in Ruins
Post Source: www.tabletmag.com
Posted: Aug 05 2011 21:00:22

• Images released by Syria’s state media show the damage to the city of Hama after a seige by Syrian military forces. [ NYT ] • The unbelievable story of the 101-year-old Leon Weinstein, who survived the Warsaw Ghetto and was reunited with his young daughter in 1945, after four years of...

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Sundown: Knesset to consider ‘Jewish State’ bill
Post Source: www.tabletmag.com
Posted: Aug 03 2011 21:07:25

• A bill brought to the Knesset that would recognize Israel as a Jewish state has 42 of the 61 votes needed to be signed into law. Most controversially, the bill would declare Hebrew the country’s official language, while Arabic would have a “special status.” [ JTA ] • The (very scar...

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Telefon (14 und Ende)
Post Source: newfilmkritik.de
Posted: Jul 20 2011 15:45:48

Split-Scre en-Telefon ate gab es im Kino schon vor hundert Jahren, bei Albert Capellani. Rechts und links: Mann und Frau, und zwischen beiden eine Straßenansicht. Modernes Triptychon. In Stanley Donens Indiscreet (1958) telefonieren Cary Grant und Ingrid Bergman in einem illusorischen...

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The Steins Collect/Rotation: Steve Evans
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Jun 13 2011 14:00:24

A twist on our regular feature Collection Rotation . Steve Evans selects from the exhibition The Steins Collect, and issues an invitation to reading and listening to Gertrude Stein. Enjoy! Henri Matisse, Sketch for Le Bonheur de vivre, 1905'6 “By whose invitation do you come?...

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The Smell of the Resurrection
Post Source: breadhere.blogspot.com
Posted: Apr 10 2011 15:57:00

A reflection on today’s readings , Sunday, April 10, 2011 .......

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Routine and Revolution by Sadie Stein
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Apr 06 2011 14:00:17

Original drawing for IDIOM by Dominique Holmes Recently the British tabloid Daily Mail has been running a series called “Confessions of a Reluctant House Husband.” It’s the misadventures, in case the title left you in doubt, of a former breadwinner now reduced to homemaking. Hilarity a...

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Honoring Triangle’s Victims in the Streets
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Mar 25 2011 03:46:32

A year after the tragic Triangle shirtwaist factory fire in 1911, sculptor Evelyn Beatrice Longman created a memorial , commissioned by the City of New York, to the seven female victims whose remains could not be identified. The city installed the sculpture with little public attention in the Cemet...

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