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New Summer Jam: “You’re Gonna Pay”
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 31 2011 12:00:12

Love the creativity that went into Wilson Getchell’s do-it-yourself recording and video. Getchell ’s video was an entry for  PowerLine’s $100k prize . Expect to hear this in Monday’s bumper tracks. *Correction: I incorrectly identified Getchall as Powerline’...

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Is Social Media a Bubble?
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 27 2011 13:55:43

There are a lot of articles and opinions out there that social media is in a bubble. LinkedIN ( $LNKD ) goes public at a high valuation. Other stocks that have filed paperwork to do an IPO have big numbers attached to their upcoming debut. LinkedIn Corporation Price Stock Chart...

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Economic Calamity
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 08 2011 13:05:39

One unemployment number doesn’t make a trend, but today’s was about as bad as they get. Hope you didn’t follow my advice yesterday and sell premium. This number was outside the standard deviation of expectations. I really can’t stress how ugly it is. There is no way to...

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Young People Fail Civics
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 03 2011 19:03:04

Alexis de Toqueville toured a newly minted America over a century ago. His observations back then make sense today. He was a Frenchman. He could compare and contrast the old ideas of Europe with the new ideas of America. Today, Glenn Reynolds linked to this article , and it occurred to me ...

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Sunday Brunch Breakfast Links
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 03 2011 13:35:29

I’ll be at this tomorrow .  If you’re in Chicago this is a lot of fun for kids.  On the Fourth of July, I am always reminded of the duplicate deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  Adams woke up on the day he died and said, “It’s the fourth!”.  Obviously it ha...

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Breakfast Links
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 02 2011 12:18:24

Minnesota’s government is still shut down. The sun came up. The prison system is still working. Children are safe. The one it’s really hurting is Pawlenty. The Purchasing Mgrs number was good. On the floor we used to call it “Nap alm” . Market had a good wee...

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Physicians ask for injunction against ‘Docs v. Glocks’ law – Central Florida Political Pulse – Orlando Sentinel
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 26 2011 08:19:10

TALLAHASSEE " The physician groups suing to block a new Florida law that bans doctors from asking patients about guns in their homes asked a federal judge in Miami Friday for an injunction to block enforcement of the law. via Physicians ask for injunction against ‘Docs v. Glocks’ law ...

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Sarah Connor’s Early Cancer Risk Explained
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 23 2011 18:49:17

(Eugene Volokh) See here . (OK, this probably doesn’t work with so few generations of difference, but who knows?) Thanks to instapundit for the pointer.......

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Iceland: What We Should Have Done
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 16 2011 11:52:20

Starting in 2007, the US government developed aggressive programs to save the big banks( $GS , $MS , $C , $BAC ).  Without them, each of them would have probably gone bust. Advocates of those programs, and that aggressive intervention on behalf of a few large, private companies said th...

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