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“You and I”
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 01 2011 01:15:13

“You and I” Don’t you worry there my honey We might not have any money But we’ve got our love to pay the bills Maybe I think you’re cute and funny Maybe I wanna do want bunnies do with you if you know what I mean Oh lets get rich and buy our parents homes ...

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GIRLS WHO ROCK(ED IT!!!): Thank you all for June 10th
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 14 2011 13:57:37

Simply, We couldn’t have done it without all of your help. This concert was born of the labor, and blood, sweat and tears, of the whole team, and we just wanted to say thank you! Thank you to  our artists, JoJo, Eddy, Nikki Jean,  KimberlyNicohle, and Heather Knight, and Data the Robot. ...

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GSS Wedding :: Tamara & Mike’s Dallas Wedding :: Sara & Rocky Photography
Post Source:
Posted: May 06 2011 14:00:56

You are in for a real treat today. We are bringing you some gorgeous Dallas wedding photography from Sara and Rocky Photography sent to us via Two Bright Lights . They are a husband and wife duo based out of Dallas Texas and bring a fun original approach to shooting weddings. We are happy to have...

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Matt Nathanson and Eric Stepanian
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 12 2011 11:05:20

** DISCLAIMER -  this is the longest blog post ever… feel free to skip my babbling and go straight to photos if you wish ** The first time I heard Matt Nathanson was when he covered the song Laid for the American Wedding soundtrack.  I was in college at the time and American Wedding w...

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Sunday April 10, 2011
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 10 2011 15:23:00

Opening Theme - "Signe" by Eric Clapton War of Man - Neil Young Maybe - Ingrid Michaelson Brooklyn - Steely Dan I And Love And You - Avett Brothers Rolling In the Deep - Adele Take Me To the River - Talking Heads Love & Happiness - Al Green House of Cards - Robert Plant ...

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My Day Without Shoes
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 05 2011 22:47:21

I could get used to being shoeless at the office. Wearing tights was technically cheating — the One Day Without Shoes campaign specifies going barefoot — but there was no way I was walking around the office in bare feet. Plenty of people did it but count me out. At least the...

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