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Corporations: The Real Reason Obama is not Making Much Progress
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 25 2009 22:03:25

Chris Coady/NB Illustrations Before you can appeal to America’s voters you have to appeal to the corporations by Johann Hari November 20, 2009 Almost a year after Barack Obama ascended to the White House, many of his supporters are bemused. His healthcare bill is a hefty improvement ...

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Stop the fat-cat bonuses! George Soros turns on the bankers
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 25 2009 03:33:42

.... Margareta Pagano Is it fair that investment bankers in London will once again pocket vast bonuses when small businesses struggle for loans? Please let us know your thoughts at sundaylett ers@indepe k View full article here......

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Questions of Cash: ‘Why was I not told I would have to pay to check-in?’: The Independent
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 12 2009 10:35:04

...the reader’s] credit record.” Questions of Cash cannot give individual advice. But if you have a financial dilemma, we’ll do our best to help. Please email us at: questionso fcash@inde .uk......

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Sure, intrusive webpage ads and rows and rows of sharing icons...
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 02 2009 13:51:00

Sure, intrusive webpage ads and rows and rows of sharing icons are annoying, but here’s something else that’s begun to irritate me: the completely random behaviour of “print” links on articles. Sometimes you get an actual print stylesheet, sometimes you get a print dialog trying to make you ...

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What is the future for libraries- Independent
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 29 2009 18:24:51

...y have bucked the trend in dipping attendance and borrowing figures and lured greater numbers to their doors.   *Initiatives such as coffee shops and DVD rentals point the way forward a.akbar@in dependent.

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Pandora: Winstone wins over troops in Afghanistan
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 18 2009 17:18:23

... “I’m afraid it’s just not for me,” Jade shrugged at a recent party. “I’ll be showcasing in Paris. It’s what I tend to do. I like it there.” pandora@in dependent. View full article here......

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Pandora: Knives out: Gordon’s girls defend their boss
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 10 2009 12:18:07

...wever, given him pause for thought. “I just think it is amazingly silly,” he grumbles to Pandora . “The papers got completely the wrong end of the stick.” Touchy! pandora@in dependent. View full article here......

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Lies, damned lies… and the double-speak I would expunge
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 03 2009 01:00:40

...hey are dead babies, call them dead babies. If the ecosystem is unravelling, say the ecosystem is unravelling. It is only when we honestly describe the world that we can begin to change it. j.hari@ind ependent.c Fuente: The Independent......

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Lessons from lechers and libertines
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 02 2009 14:13:02

...kies to see if one will give me some decent odds on a hunch I’ve long entertained; that Berlusconi is protesting too much. I wouldn’t be that surprised if he was actually gay. n.lezard@i ndependent

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Republicans, religion and the triumph of unreason
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 24 2009 22:39:34

...s spinning off into a bizarre cult who believe Barack Obama is a baby-killer plotting to build death panels for the grannies of America. Their new slogan could be - shrill, baby, shrill. j.hari@ind ependent.c [j.hari@in dependent.]......

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