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CLASSIC DOUCHERY : Jimmy Big Balls Is it comfortable...
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 23 2011 15:54:27

CLASSIC DOUCHERY : Jimmy Big Balls I s it comfortable sitting like that? ANSWER: NO. Sitting here at my office, I just swiveled around in my chair and opened my legs wide enough for Feagles to kick a field goal through ‘em. Was it comfy? No. It hurt, I pulled a muscle, then for some ...

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This is fun.
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 10 2011 20:26:00

Revisiting many of our greatest hits in the anniversary of our tenth year. (Send in suggestions for your favourite past blog entries to me on the FAQ line . Or on Twitte r, or on Facebook , but the FAQ line is far and away the most reliable. I see some of the stuff that comes in on Twitter, b...

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Best Super Bowl Match-up Ever?
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 05 2011 12:00:44

By Phil Hecken Tomorrow’s the big day, of course, when two of the most storied franchises in the National Football League meet up in the ultimate game. The green and yellow gold versus the black and yellow gold. No one knows how the game will play out, but one thing we do know for certain &...

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A Study in Contrast
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 18 2011 05:45:38

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away–oh, wait.  Scratch that.  Let me start again.  A long time ago, I was at an APLB (Asian and Pacific Islander Lesbian and Bisexual Women) conference in MN.  This was right after I came out (but several years after I realized I was ...

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NATO Nukes
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 30 2010 02:30:43

The first “rev elation 221; from the Wikileaks cache is something we already knew — that there are US nuclear weapons stored in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Turkey — at least, as of November 2009. That much is clear from a conversation between German Chancellery Nati...

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Brett Favre: Jeans Aren’t the Only Thing He’s Wranglin’
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 13 2010 04:04:31

Brett Favre is finally in the news for something other than the fact that he’s about to retire that that he kinda sucks this year.  There is a big scandal going down around the football star, but you know what?  I’m not so sure it is an actual scandal.  See Brett Favre must have been ...

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Apparently my Chinese cousin, Chau Chau, I think his name is?...
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 27 2010 23:19:48

...ble the tickets for for the boat ride on China Eastern Airlines to the States, and then we’re going to have t o send him to fat camp. The first photo is of my sister and my cousin. http://ima ges.usatod s/_photos/ 2007/01/09 /overweigh t-chinese- boy-large. jpg......

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Sonny Vaccaro Poised for Return to Summer Hoops
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 23 2010 04:33:53

Sonny Vaccaro, once the most powerful man in grassroots basketball, is poised to return to the summer scene and possibly partner with Chinese apparel manufacturer Li Ning. Vaccaro, who turns 71 Thursday, declined to mention specific potential partners, but says he has appointments Monday with ...

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Pass or Fail: Buffalo Sabres’ new road, alternate jerseys for 2010-11
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 08 2010 13:11:36

The 2010-11 NHL season finally marks the death of the Buffaslug , the angry cashew nut that adorned the front of Buffalo Sabres jerseys since 2006. Its demise began last season with the Sabres introducing a retro look for its third jersey ; that jersey is now the official home sweater, and this ...

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