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199935. spinsanity.org
199934. yetanothercomicsblog.blogspot.com
199937. themilpitaspost.com
199938. civillibertarian.blogspot.com

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Novela Caminho das Índias - Resumo
Post Source: anderssauro.com
Posted: Jan 19 2009 06:23:43

Pois é, parece que o "título provisório" acabou se tornando o título oficial. Caminho das Índias estréia hoje, no horário mais nobre das novelas globais e promete mostrar a realidade indiana para o público brasileiro. A autora Glória Perez estudou a fundo a cultura do país para...

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Golden Globes are Sunday, any predictions?
Post Source: www.usmessageboard.com
Posted: Jan 10 2009 04:53:41

...d it for Forrest Gump, but not for rewriting the Forrest Gump formula and sticking it into another movie 15 years later thinking no one would notice.......

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via i.imdb.com
Post Source: yz-shroomov.tumblr.com
Posted: Dec 02 2008 14:01:30

Your Guide To NBA Beards: Part Two
Post Source: thesportcount.com
Posted: Oct 30 2008 20:00:45

  Pau Gasol. Are you posing for Rembrandt right now? Because if you aren’t, get that that Renaissance-man germination off your face. You play ball, you don’t hang in the Louvre.   Rasheed Wallace. If basketball was high school, this guy would be voted ‘most likely to...

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El Loro del Pirata
Post Source: feeds.feedburner.com
Posted: Jun 27 2008 11:37:00

Tradicionalmente, siempre que pensamos en piratas, corsarios y bucaneros, nos viene a la memoria la imagen del típico pirata con barba, parche en el ojo, pata de palo (si ya lleva un tiempo en el oficio) y, por supuesto, el ya famoso loro como animal inseparable de su amo. Es interesante ...

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no country for old men?
Post Source: dyngan.se
Posted: Jun 27 2008 09:40:11

(Foto: JACQUES BRINON) Yohji Yamamoto skickade ut gubbar på sin catwalk igår. Besynnerligheter och imperfektion i modell-lineupen har alltid känts mer bekväm på herrsidan. När jag säger så, förnekar jag inte tjejsidans alien-look (a la Haider Ackermanns drogskelett ),...

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Find Elvis Presley Baby, Let’s Play House Lyrics
Post Source: loveaddiction1898.hornysexblogs.com
Posted: Apr 25 2008 20:15:44

Important Update: Hi since you were interested in watching Elvis Presley Baby, Let’s Play House. I just wanted to let you know that you can download Elvis Presley Baby, Let’s Play House and thousands of other videos off YouTube in the masses by using a software that I found, I highly re...

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Alpaca Lips Now - the movie poster
Post Source: www.brucerawles.com
Posted: Apr 01 2008 18:24:00

I you were impressed with Apocalypse Now , wait ’til you see the sequel! (I just resurrected this double pun from my archives :-)......

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The Curse of the Mortgage CEO
Post Source: blog.filife.com
Posted: Mar 20 2008 20:45:05

What’s worse than dropping the F bomb once ? Dropping it 73 times, which is exactly what HTFC Mortgage Company CEO Aron Wider did . Wider and his lawyer received a $29,000 sanction from a federal judge for his potty mouth and his lawyer is attributing the profanity on an anxiety disorder...

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Fat Bastard
Post Source: inside.nike6.com
Posted: Mar 05 2008 00:18:44

Okay…imagine your hip (well, your butt and hip) area blowing up to the size of a MEGA beach ball, looking like it’s filled with RICOTTA CHEESE . Not at all pretty ' that is the visual of the butt I have been crutching around for a week. I fell from about 15 feet up in the middle o...

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