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“Is Romney making money from layoffs?”
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 30 2011 19:00:12

...age by DonkeyHotey via Flickr Related articles Romney, Bain Capital, Bail-Outs and an Un-Aired Kennedy Ad (marka ) MSNBC Anchors Begin Disclosing Bain Capital Connection (huffi ngtonpost. com) 2011: How’d the Republican Candidates Do with the American P...

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Google Helps You Get in Touch With Santa – Fox Business Video – Fox Business
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 24 2011 11:26:43 is missing.” – Stephen Wright ( American Actor and Writer, b.1955) Related articles NORAD Santa Tracker 2011: Google Maps Helps You Keep An Eye On Santa This … (huffi ngtonpost. com) Where’s Santa Claus? The 2011 Santa Tracker List, From NORAD To...

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Christmas is doing fine – The Ottawa Citizen
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 23 2011 12:29:19

...s in a name (redux) (middl eschoolap. wordpress. com) Merry Christmas and, Yes, Happy Holidays (gasp!) (rgher nandezpen. com) James Peron: Why I Gave Up Christmas (huffi ngtonpost. com) Merry Christmas! Where is My Gift? (socyb 41; ...

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Dim Bulbs: GOP objection to energy savings survives in appropriations negotiations
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 16 2011 17:39:59

In the immortal words of Barbara Walters upon discovering that Herman Cain dreams of being Secretary of Defense:  “WHA T???” ; [ ComedyCentral ]  This, from a report on the appropriations negotiations in Congress: “According to the AP, Republicans dropped their demand for res...

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Get to Know Us: Purchasing Team
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 16 2011 14:59:58

This is a new type of post, but collages seemed like fun, so we decided to give it a spin. What’s the collage about? Simply put, it’s about our head buyer – the one who makes all purchasing decisions. You’ll probably never talk to or see her face-to-face, but when you brow...

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The dark side of smoking – what Big Tobacco doesn’t want you to know
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 14 2011 01:27:54

...: http://www .nytimes.c om/2009/06 /12/b̷ 0; http://www Minnesota_ Tobac̷ 0; http://www n_cz/tobac co_re̷ 0; http://www .cigreview ms/ma̷ 0; http://www .huffingto 2011/̷ 0; http://www alth/docum ents...

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New York Yankees: A Note To Brewers Fans
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 12 2011 10:20:25

Image via Wikipedia Dear Milwaukee Brewers Fans, It is saddening when troubling news breaks about a player that you admire, like it did with your perennial Milwaukee favorite Brewer Ryan Braun . I can safely speak for most New York Yankee fans in stating that things changed the day Alex...

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Navy defeats Army 27-21 for the tenth consecutive time
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 11 2011 17:58:43

...and fans after Navy defeated Army 27-21 Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011 at Fed EX field in Landover Md. Photograph By Saquan Stimpson Related articles Navy Beats Army For 10th Time In A Row, 27-21 (huffi ngtonpost. com) Army-Navy Game History: Midshipmen Lead 111-Game Series Over Black Kn...

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whenthesongends: In a simple experiment, researchers at the...
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 11 2011 07:40:32

whenthesongends : In a simple experiment, researchers at the University of Chicago sought to find out whether a rat would release a fellow rat from an unpleasantly restrictive cage if it could. The answer was yes. The free rat, occasionally hearing distress calls from its compatriot, learned t...

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Stop giving me the notion of food, give me food!
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 11 2011 02:52:19

...ear from foodborne illnesses.  Honestly, when I hear that number I am emotionally numb.  But then I imagine my 3 sons faces.  It could easily happen to them.   Here is a great article http://www .huffingto barbara-ko walcyk/gro und-turkey -recall-sh ow_b_92383 8.html  discussing...

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