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Steve Dzubay on Margaret Ontl
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 05 2011 00:35:18

This week in the Hudson Star Observer you will find another outstanding column by Margaret Ontl. Margaret has written some excellent pieces in the past 3 months and this week’s edition is no exception. Hats off to Margaret on a job well done! See Column I just wish the other writers at R...

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News 7/26/11
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 26 2011 04:11:11

The local press highlights Western Wisconsin Medical Group and its success implementing Cerner Ambulatory EMR. The paper notes the 55-physician practice is the “first medical group in Wisconsin – and perhaps the entire United States ' to have all its doctors using electronic medical ...

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Former NBA star Latrell Sprewell tops list on Wisconsin tax-dodging "Website of Shame"
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 25 2011 17:11:00

...tate government by those on the list. The biggest delinquent is former NBA basketball star Latrell Sprewell. The Milwaukee-area native owes just over $3.5 million dollars in state taxes. via hudsonstar observer.c om Permalink | Leave a comment......

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Summer White Jacket Season
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 27 2011 18:19:09

It feels odd to be starting up the orchestra’s summer season only a week after we wrapped up what is officially our “winter season” (despite beginning in fall and ending in early summer,) but that’s the way the calendar fell this year, and we were back at Orchestra Ha...

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County Official a Finalist for Wisc. Job
Post Source:
Posted: May 14 2011 00:16:21

Bill Reynolds, Washtenaw County’s deputy administrator who has been on paid medical leave since early April, is one of three finalists for a county administrator job in St. Croix County, Wisc., according to a report published Friday in the Hudson Star-Observer . On Monday, May 9, Washtenaw ...

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I Froze My Ass for This
Post Source:
Posted: May 05 2011 04:05:20

If I was one of the non-worker, worker lemmings or other mindless stooge that marched in the cold while making a fool of myself plus having insults with more than a ring of truth hurled at me, then I would be one pissed off hombre over the person running against Shelia Harsdorf. Whose Interest D...

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Wednesday evening updates and Stillwater photos
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 07 2011 03:46:13

The river continues to rise. Here’s a roundup of recent news coverage: The Stillwater Gazette has a good summary of recent developments in Stillwater. City Engineer Shawn Sanders told the council that the St. Croix is forecast to crest early next week between 687 and 688 above sea level...

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