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what happens every minute on the Internet ?
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 19 2011 13:19:46

Decades ago, nobody thought the web would matter to anyone and it would never “take off”, so they called it a fad. Today, the Internet is arguably the biggest communication platform and houses the largest amount of accessible information in the history of mankind. The internet has changed th...

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Social Media Top 5: Trust the Clowns & More Blather
Post Source:
Posted: May 20 2011 01:19:50

Trust for Trust’s Sake? I Don’t Trust That Notion There has been a lot of talk about Trust in social media circles over the last few years. I agree that trust is important in business (not just social media- let’s stop isolating broad concepts, shall we?), but does a com...

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Location-Based Data: The Next Frontier for Local Search?
Post Source:
Posted: May 17 2011 18:00:48

When Google released their new Local search results format in October, 2010, SEOs quickly determined that the number of reviews and overall rating associated with a business were ranking factors. They also predicted that these would be quickly be gamed. It was an easy ranking factor to launch t...

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Hard-To-Find Is The New PageRank
Post Source:
Posted: May 12 2011 15:42:26

Greg Linden uncovers a potential new Google Maps ranking signal: direction requests : …certain very large search engines have massive logs of people asking for directions from A to B, hundreds of millions of people and billions of A to B queries. And, it appears this data may be as or more ...

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Why Data Matters, Another Interesting Signal: Direction Requests
Post Source:
Posted: May 10 2011 03:39:52

Greg Linden, a friend to the site back when I was writing the first book, is writing more lately, and he’s got a great post about Google Maps data that highlights why we’ve decided to focus on " The Data Frame " for the Web 2 Summit this year. Greg notes that Google has a n...

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Give pods a chance
Post Source:
Posted: May 09 2011 12:05:39

Pods ' also known as self-directed work teams ' have been around for more than 20 years. Pods are 30% to 50% more effective than their traditional counterparts . A survey of senior line managers offers some of the benefits derived from implementing self-directed teams: Improv...

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How information technology is really built
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 05 2011 03:16:34

One of my favorite stories is how Greg Linden invented the famous Amazon recommender system, after after being forbidden to do so . The story is fantastic because what Greg did is contrary to everything textbooks say about good design. You just do not bypass the chain of command! How can you meet...

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