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Kitsch and The Sublime
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 05 2011 17:53:02

Brian Moriarty created Loom(1990, Lucasfilm Games), an adventure game that opened with a 30 minute audio play originally bundled on cassette, so you could say he appreciates the artistic aspirations of videogame designers. First delivered at the 25th Games Developers Conference , his talk ...

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Puddle preview: Liquid assets
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 04 2011 01:38:06

Discovered among the demo units at Konami’s pre-E3 event yesterday, sandwiched in between much less surprising titles like Burgertime: World Tour and Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour (with names as generic as their gameplay) was Puddle , an intriguing little game wrapped aroun...

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The incredible festival march!
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 21 2011 11:53:08

We started flirting with the IGF more than one year ago, when we just missed the submission deadline for its 12th installment by approximately two months. Back then we wanted to submit our prototype demo “ Up That Mountain “. Perhaps it was some kind of weird destiny to fail that deadl...

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Why I Attend GDC
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 19 2011 16:29:05

Hello, my long neglected readers! I have been a terrible blogger as of late. I have been extremely busy with my current contract work, so I haven’t had a lot that I can talk about here on the ‘ol blog. The game I’m working on is nearing completion, at which point I’ll be retu...

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Springtime For Geekouts
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 18 2011 03:47:12

Well, we’re way past GDC 25 now, and I’m delighted to say that the 25th Game Developers Conference went incredibly well. Over 19,000 attendees turned up in San Francisco, and over on Gamasutra , we have a lot of the highlights. In addition, after the show, we started putting a bunch...

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Tokyopop Closes US Publishing
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 16 2011 17:59:29

It comes to no real surprise to anyone in the industry that Tokyopop has closed its Los Angeles office and North American publishing division. The company has been on shaky ground since Borders declared  bankruptcy and companies cut ties with them----Blizzard and HarperCollins. Last February, t...

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Interviewed on Brainy Gamer Podcast
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 16 2011 14:06:10

I forgot to mention last week that I appeared on the latest Brainy Gamer podcast , episode #33, on April 4th, 2011 . This was an interview that I did back in early March, while at the Game Developer’s Conference . The Brainy Gamer is the excellent, excellent blog of Michael Abbott, a T...

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GDC Online 2011 Announces Call For Papers, Summit Line-Up
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 12 2011 16:01:21

UBM TechWeb Game Network, organizer of Game Developers Conference Online 2011 and GSW parent, has announced its Main Conference track line-up and new Summits for the October show, the leading worldwide event discussing the business and art of online games. Following a successful call for August...

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GDC Vault上的经典游戏制作回顾
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 02 2011 20:44:18

GDC,全称 Game Developers Conference ,中- 名是 戏开发 者大会 是个 于1988 的'为 游戏设 者开 的讨论 ’分享 界信 的职业 展会。G DC每年 能吸引 数万名 自业 的-老 成员, 聚一 交流从 技术...

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