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Libra for Android helps you track your weight using The Hacker’s Diet system
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 08 2011 20:57:34

I’m getting fat; that’s what you see on the screenshot to the right — my gradual move from chubby to portly. But never mind the numbers, look at the pretty graph! If you’ve ever read The Hacker’s Diet , this graph should be instantly recognizable. Each point shows t...

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Fourmilab One-Time Pad Generator
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 05 2011 15:00:15

Superb effort in provisioning a java-script based one time pad generator at fourmilab Switzerland . The fourmilab site is obviously a work of devotion by John Walker , the founder of Autodesk, Inc. and co-author of AutoCAD. ∑......

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Post Source:
Posted: Jul 26 2011 19:55:52

As estrelas que passam por nossas vidas
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 09 2011 15:37:09

Eu tenho uma visão romântica sobre o mundo. Acho-o fantástico pelo paradoxo que é sua simplicidade e complexidade que coexistem. A complexidade são as diferentes forças atuantes no planeta, moldando-o sem parar, onde sua topologia muda, ainda que beeeeeem lentamente. A simplicidade é que se t...

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This Day in Geek History: June 30
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 30 2011 12:00:35

1879 The first electric company in the U.S. to produce and sell electricity California Electric Light Company is established in San Francisco, California . 1905 Albert Einstein publishes the article “ On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies “, wherein he introduces the concept ...

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人工衛星からの、指定した日時の地球の写真が見られます。 (Earth Viewから)
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 11 2011 03:15:52

人工衛 から 、指定 した日 の地 の写真 が見ら ます ( Earth View から)......

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Abnehmen für Nerds
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 02 2011 12:22:38

Ich habe beschlossen dieses Jahr 20 Kilo abzunehmen. Nun besteht das Problem leider darin, dass die Beschlussfassung deutlich einfacher ist, als die eigentliche Umsetzung . Dieser Beitrag soll eine kleine Übersicht geben, was mir beim Abnehmen hilft und was mich motiviert. Das ist natür...

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