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Get sauced.
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 09 2011 00:55:15

I never gave sauce much thought, other than it’s the stuff that goes on pasta. And as far as desserts go, in my home baking, it did not enter the equation. However, in this dessert plating class i just took, one of the main focuses (next to the desserts themselves) was the sauce. We mu...

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Meatloaf that made my day
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 07 2011 04:09:34

Who would have thought… me embracing meatloaf. Me, not really a carnivore making a post glorifying a meat-full dish. Here I am. Doing exactly that. Once again I blame my pregnancy for that. A few nights ago I asked my husband to bring me artisan bread and baked cornish game chicken from the st...

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Bar Nuts So Good, You Could Even Skip The Beer (But Why Would You?)
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 17 2011 04:44:10

by Trish Sure, it looks like a bowl of cashews. A bowl of cashews with a bit of annoying greenery poked in it. But really all I can say about these is that they’re really, really good. Good enough to stand on their own rather than play second fiddle to a foamy beverage. Yet simply enough...

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Lasagna Rolls
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 16 2011 07:01:28

This my new favorite way to have lasagna!!  They are made with all the same ingredients, but just assembled differently. They’re also great because I like having more of the pasta with my filling.  Speaking of filling, this recipe calls for prosciutto, which is one of my favorite Italian del...

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My Cookie Tin: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 12 2011 19:00:13

We’re into October’s double digits, which means it’s really and truly fall. The days are getting shorter and the temperature is changing. Even in Southern California, it’s turning more crisp in the mornings. Of course, along with cooler temperatures comes halloween and t...

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Battle of the Blintz Returns – Russian Grandma’s Recipe Prevails!
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 12 2011 16:30:44

Last year, my brave and kitchen-savvy teenage son challenged his uber-talented Aunt Sharon to a blintz-off for our annual break-the-fast meal on Yom Kippur. It ended in a tie with Sharon’s crepes taking the lead but my son’s filling getting top nod. In case you aren’t blintz-aw...

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Vegetable-Lentil Soup
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 12 2011 11:00:55

We had tons of great food in Nashville .  But after taste-testing so many burgers at the Hard Rock on Saturday night, I really wanted nothing to do with beef when I returned home! Downtown Kansas City has an amazing City Market where vendors and farmers set up on the weekend and sell lots of f...

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Basic Pizza Dough - By Hand Method Recipe : Emeril Lagasse : Food Network
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 12 2011 01:37:14

Basic Pizza Dough - By Hand Method Recipe : Emeril Lagasse : Food Network : This is the only page I have bookmarked in the entire Internet.......

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Bacon Pancakes with apples
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 10 2011 12:12:52

My husband took a few vacation days last week, and I decided to try making bacon pancakes.  They aren’t a new idea, there is a Rath Bacon ad from 1961 that suggests making “won derfulR 21; bacon pancakes using their bacon and Aunt Jemima pancake mix.  The ad shows bacon strips on...

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Muffin Monday: Cranberry Lime Olive Oil Muffins
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 10 2011 04:00:19

Muffin Monday will soon be taking you on a joyride that only the best holiday muffins can provide. We’ll be doing a countdown to Christmas and will feature easy recipes that you can bake for the holidays. And while I’ve only started weighing the flour, you can help me pick the rest of t...

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