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coming soon: the holidays!
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 26 2011 13:57:00

Did you know that there are only four weeks between now and Thanksgiving? Yes, I know that it is still October. We still have one more holiday between the present and the Turkey Day that lurks around the corner. One glance at my calender, though, and I feel the need to hurry up and panic.......

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Why Fifteen Minutes Matters
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 14 2011 15:00:46

Photo Credit: ToniVC I’m finding it hard to keep up with all I need and want to do each day. Even by limiting my distractions, making time always seems to be a challenge. I’ve been working on how to be more productive. I don’t have long chunks of time where I can dive into projects. So m...

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Cleaning Schedule Resources
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 07 2011 11:00:08

{ This post is part of the 31 Days To A More Prudent Home series } The following resources have been helpful to me in my journey to discover and create a cleaning schedule that works. I hope you will find they to be beneficial! Articles flylady’s Baby Steps How To Clean Your...

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