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71245. wikis.sun.com
71244. pelamiswave.com
71243. iweb.com
71247. ministry-to-children.com
71248. media.nymag.com
71249. make-shiftuniverse.net

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Julee Cruise, Miss Twin Peaks
Post Source: feministmusicgeek.com
Posted: Jul 19 2011 20:13:15

Last night, I finished Twin Peaks, a show that is the textbook definition of a cult classic. The Sopranos shouldn’t get sole credit for its challenge toward TV audience expectations and use of talismans as a storytelling device or shorthand for character development, nor should Lost get singl...

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Weekly Twitter Updates
Post Source: www.kellimarshall.net
Posted: Jul 14 2011 17:00:00

...ME (with little, curly-headed Dr. Robert Romano). #ER #WatchOutForThat Helicopter ->......

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Selectism | Around the Web
Post Source: www.selectism.com
Posted: Jul 12 2011 01:30:13

01. Controlling the Living Room: Television Viewing on Game Consoles “If any device underneath your television has the potential to become the mythical convergence black box where all media come together, it could be your video game console. Or at least, that is what Microsoft and Sony are...

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#202; youth & politics look good together
Post Source: theluckiest.net
Posted: Jun 02 2011 19:55:12

Watching Mitt Romney’s announcement today of his running for President got me thinking — where are all the crushworthy candidates? Where is a Bill Clinton for my mom to swoon over? Who will cause a scandel with their $400 haircut? Would we ever want to see any of these candidates frolick...

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Bone Boatwright, Kitty Wells fan
Post Source: feministmusicgeek.com
Posted: May 03 2011 04:14:24

Earlier tonight, I finished Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina. This was probably not the best book to complete while viewing the second season of Twin Peaks for obvious reasons, but nonetheless I’m glad I read it. Far gladder than I am to be watching Twin Peaks, which I may aban...

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Wisconsin soon, Texas forever
Post Source: feministmusicgeek.com
Posted: Apr 20 2011 15:45:20

If you’re really close to me, this is the most uneventful reveal ever. I have a knack for saying I’ll keep mum about something but it never exactly works that way. Yet I felt like I should make it official, since I told my boss and my parents and most close friends: I’m moving to ...

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Digital Culture Links: April 2nd 2011
Post Source: feedproxy.google.com
Posted: Apr 03 2011 11:00:46

Links for April 3rd 2011: Google +1 Button – +1 = Google’s answer to Facebook’s “Like” button, bringing social recommendations thundering into Google (opt-in for now). GoDaddy CEO Shoots Elephant, Injures Brand [Mashable] – “GoDaddy CEO Bob Pa...

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