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Humbled and Speechless
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 29 2006 13:34:24

i woke up to this post from my friend derrick oien. i havent talked to derrick in a long time. every so often well drop an email or a skype message but its been way to long since we actually sat down and chatted. he made me stop and remember back to the old days. derrick i dont know what prompted...

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welcome to the attention economy
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 12 2006 04:21:00

as some of my friends know already for the past two years the bf and i have been working on an online startup idea on the side. ok so hes been the one mainly working on it but ive been there all along playing the muchneeded role of sounding board devils advocate and chief thesaurus operator. its a c...

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Cluetrain Again, User Generated Content
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 09 2006 19:42:00

perhaps its time to purchase another round of the cluetrain manifesto for a new round of technology executives. we are not seats or eyeballs or end users or consumers we are human beings. the cluetrain manifesto 1999 there have been many discussions on this topic and it becomes ref...

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User Generated Content Must Die
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 04 2006 20:10:00

derek powazek posted an open letter to...well...the internet deconstructing the phrase user generated content. powazek is calling for the elimination of the phrase in connection with disintermediated media. user one who uses. like you know a junkie. generated like a generator engine. like you know ...

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Cyworld US Launches - Will It Topple MySpace?
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 30 2006 14:27:40

cyworld us the american version of the popular korean social networking site is rumored to be launching this week just launched a public beta. update it just went behind a private beta wall again luckily i grabbed some screenshots below. there are larger images here and here. update 2 i just ...

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Cyworld US to Launch Next Week?
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 30 2006 00:00:02

nice derrick oien just posted the news that cyworld us looks like its going to launch next week. their about page is up and has a date of april 2nd as when their minihomes make their us market debut. of course it was written in pasttense so you never know if some overanxious marketer got a hold of t...

+Expand this mention - Come On! Just Die Already
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 29 2006 20:11:29

just following through on what i started this morning and linking to russ with prominently in the text. i also put it up in my links. join in spread the word post a link or two or three. if there ever was a time for googlebombing i think this is probably it. help prove that you ca...

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Outted by Plaxo
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 21 2006 21:42:55

i came across the following blog today titled outted by plaxo. in his article the author warns people of blowing the news of an upcoming job or acquisition by prematurely updating your plaxo cards. i think this is good advice and something id like to echo here. the great thing about pla...

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Post Source:
Posted: Mar 13 2006 21:23:22

...plashbl oghttpdoie n.blogspot .com200603 sixapartac quiresspla shblog.htm lthat is all.......

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Side effects of being up-to-date with Plaxo
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 13 2006 19:32:59

we try to keep up to speed on what the blogosphere can tell us about how people are using plaxo. lately weve seen a few examples of people finding out about important news through their plaxo network before hearing it through other channels. first it looks like plaxo can help people keep up on em...

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