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iPad has a modern browser. A modern browser is programmable. The iPad is programmable.
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Posted: Jan 30 2010 02:12:11

This is my personal blog. Any views you read here are mine, and not my employers. Subscribe to my Events Atom Feed encourage copying, expect payment Kevin Marks My Shared Stuff Recent blog posts I liked House of cards needs re-think fro...

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Posted: Mar 26 2009 17:18:22

2005年之后 少有更新, 所以一方面 最新的优秀 网站没有放 进去,一方 面很多老网 站光荣下岗 了。所以需 要找时间好 好重新梳理 ,拷贝如下 ,作为一个 留念吧。新 媒体重要奖 项 online journalism awards the Webby Awards InterTech Tech Awards 博客年度大奖 2005 EPpy Award 业界重要人物排...

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Para que afinal servem essas redes sociais online ?!
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 19 2008 22:57:33

… foi a pergunta que me fez hoje no almo莽o o Agostinho Villela , uma cara multicultural, multim铆dia e multilegal que trabalha comigo. 鈥" Agostinho, tu n茫o pode ver essas coisas como sites. Orkut, Facebook etc s茫o como festas (漏 Avi Alkalay). 鈥" respondi na hora ....

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The Marketing Shift
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 15 2008 08:53:50

It’s been happening for a while. Have you seen it? Of course you have. You just didn’t know it. Traditional marketing has been about a top down approach somewhat militaristic in style (campaigns, market penetration, target audiences). Executives and managers, both at companies...

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140 Faces Of Well Known Bloggers You Won鈥檛 Want To Miss
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 22 2008 07:56:24

As of February 2008, Technorati was tracking over 112.8 million blogs worldwide. Blogs, a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order, are influential, personal, or both, and they reflect as many topics and opinions as there are people writing them. Anyway, did you kn...

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