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Ginkgo-API: Erste Designentscheidungen
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 15 2011 18:57:46

Die letzten Tage habe ich mich damit beschäftigt, wie Anforderungen in den Bereichen Sicherheit, Versionierung, Dokumentation, Ressourcen -/Repräse ntationena ufbau in Rails umsetzbar sind. Sicherheit Ginkgo muss auf jeden Fall zum OAuth2.0-Provider werden, was gleich zwei Vorteile bietet. Ei...

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Developer Roadmap - Facebook開発者
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 15 2011 02:37:00

Developer Roadmap - facebook- 発者......

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links for 2011-10-12
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 13 2011 01:52:12

blogbirds: So this is it. Very impressed with this first piece of video from #MAOnlineJournalism student @franzibaehrle http://t.c o/6GdXhcsz (tags: MAOnlineJournalism ) @alexwoodcreates here you go: http://t.c o/avCefcjQ #cityOJ @alexwoodcreates here you ...

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How to Stop Facebook from Tracking You
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 11 2011 18:54:02

Recent announcements from facebook, the world’s largest social network, make it clear that they intend to force you into absolute transparency. On the one hand that’s great accountability. On the other, that’s pretty scary stuff. Whether or not you know it (or like it) F...

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Facebook Secure Canvas URL and Secure Tab URL| Fix Your Facebook Fanpage
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 02 2011 02:22:49

...sion of the URL for the page to show.  If you enter a non https:// URL, facebook will show an error when you try to save it. Steps to Fix Secure Page Tab URL : Login to facebook. Go to https://de velopers.f m/apps On the left panel you will see a section that says facebook Dev...

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How to Promote Your Facebook Page
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 29 2011 19:17:55

After you make a facebook page on which to promote your business, you want to make sure that people find out about it! Here are some hints for using facebook marketing to your advantage. Reach Out Suggest your page to friends who might like it via the “ Invite Friends ” link in the right-ha...

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