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Baidu se asocia con Dell para lanzar móviles y tablets en China
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 06 2011 12:41:13

Dentro de poco los nuevos gadgets dell llevarán Baidu Yi como SO Baidu es en China lo que Google es en el resto del mundo. La firma asiática no sólo posee el buscador web más usado en la República Popular (alrededor del 99% de los internautas del país asiático lo utilizan), sino...

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Dell quietly kills Streak 5 while nobody’s looking, mourns end-of-life status
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 12 2011 02:43:00

The dell Streak 5 has always been an outlier, and it’s traveled a bumpy road ever since the unveiling when dell insisted its smartphone was in fact a portable tablet. From the delayed launch in the US to its $549 price for a SIM-locked unit -- not to mention the uncomfortably long dan...

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شركة Dell تعلن عن الحاسب المحمول Vostro V131 بمنفذ USB 3.0 ومعالج Core i3 و i5 ولوحة مفاتيح بارزه
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 11 2011 19:29:20

شركة dell اليوم أعلنت عن تحديث لعائل ة Vostro  والتي تستهدف من فئة الأعمال .الحاسب الجديد هو V131 بشاشه 13 أنش  والذي أصبح يقدم لك الجيل الجديد من معالجات  Sandy Bridge Core i3  أو Co...

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Dell announces Vostro V131 with USB 3.0, Core i3 and i5 CPUs and a chiclet keyboard
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 11 2011 18:40:00

There’s a fine debate going on as we speak about dell’s back-to-school consumer laptops , but personally, we’ve always had a soft spot for dell’s small business-focused Vostro line. The outfit’s just announced a new addition to the lineup, the 13.3-inch V131, and whi...

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فتح الطلب المسبق للحاسب المحمول والجهاز اللوحي Dell Latitude XT3 وموعد الأصدار في 22 سيبتمبر
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 11 2011 11:28:48

وأخيرا قامت شركة dell بعمل فتح طلب مسبق لحاسبها والجهاز اللوحي بنفس الوقت Latitude XT3  والذي سيقدم لك شاشه 13.3 أنش مع قلم رقمي كما يمكنك أختيار المعالج Core i3  أو Core i5 أو Core i7  ...

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Dell Laptop Reviews
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 10 2011 11:49:29

Just enter the official site of the and you will find all the products that you need in terms of computers and printers. I will present for example the laptop computers and desktops that are available for you, dell customers out there.  The main page of the’s site ...

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Dell Laptops
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 10 2011 11:45:43

Among the very popular brands created by dell we can name the Inspiron brand, the XPS brand and the Studio laptops. I will stick to one of these models and I will present a dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook . This product has 4 stars and almost a half on the dell site and it costs $369. It is considere...

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“Tablet PC” Dell Latitude XT3 já está à venda nos Estados Unidos
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 09 2011 17:09:01

A primeira aparição do dell Latitude XT3 aconteceu em fevereiro deste ano, mas somente agora é que este inusitado laptop chegou ao mercado: o produto já está à venda nos Estados Unidos, a partir do site da dell , com preço inicial de 1.769 dólares. Esse dispositivo chama a atenção e ...

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Intranet, Internet, Extranet merger imminent
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 09 2011 12:00:22

It all used to be so simple: your corporate intranet would be owned and managed by your internal communications team; your corporate internet site by your external communications, by your investor relations team or your marketing team; and your extranet managed by your sales and customer development...

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In arrivo il Dell Inspiron con processore AMD
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 08 2011 21:51:11

In arrivo finalmente il nuovo dell della serie Inspiron con processori appartenenti al diretto concorrente di casa Intel, ovvero AMD .Continua a leggere: In arrivo il dell Inspiron con processore AMD (...) In arrivo il dell Inspiron con processore AMD , pubblicato su ...

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