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Scaling The Core Development Process
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 15 2009 12:46:45

For many years the drupal core development process has served us well. With Dries and a co-maintainer committing the changes of the community we have crafted a product we love and hate to use and a community we are involved with. But, the success of drupal is stressing this 2-tiered development sy...

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225+ Ultimate Drupal Theme Collection
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 31 2009 19:02:53

Since you are here reading this article you may know it already. drupal is CMS – Content Management System. Content managed in drupal is called a node. A node is the smallest chunk of information in drupal, and typically it is representing a web page like the one you are reading just now ...

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Scheduled downtime: Tuesday 2009-08-11, 19:00 UTC to 19:30 UTC
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 08 2009 20:13:12

..., other * sites will be unaffected and available for your use ( , associatio n.drupal.o rg , and ). Thanks in advance for your patience and understand ing.......

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Drupal CMS core
Post Source:
Posted: Apr 08 2009 09:39:10

The color editor being used to adjust the "Garland" core theme drupal core is the "stock" installation of drupal, which can be optionally extended by third party contributions. In drupal’s default configuration, website content can be contributed by either registered ...

+Expand this mention Drupal 6 Showcase
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 08 2008 14:18:09

I recently finished , a simple drupal 6 site for my fiancée and her handbag business. It uses CCK , Views and Panels 2 alpha , as well as ImageField , ImageCache and Lightbox2 modules. I also wrote Image Themer and Views Themer modules, which I contributed to the Themer p...

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Actualizar de drupal 5 a drupal 6
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 06 2008 23:07:10

Este fin de semana he estado actualizando un par de sitios, entre ellos este blog de drupal 5 a drupal 6 y os traslado el paso a paso que he seguido, basándome en las páginas de upgrade que hay publicadas en y el UPGRADE.txt que se distribuye con cada versión de drupal. Nota impo...

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Using CVS to Upgrade a Drupal Site
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 08 2008 10:00:48

...install drupal 5-10 into dir drupal-5 from your current location. (if you execute it from /www then it will install to /www/drupal-5/ ) /opt/csw/bin/cvs -z6 -d:pserver :anonymous :anonymous @cvs.drupa /drupal co -d drupal-5 -r drupal-5-10 drupal The following line will ...

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