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87211. robertmondaviwinery.com
87210. clever-age.com
87209. lindtusa.com
87213. buongiorno.com
87214. good-guys.com
87215. usa.net

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Breivik, Islamophobia, and the Destructive Culture Wars in the West
Post Source: www.theaugeanstables.com
Posted: Jul 27 2011 06:45:55

Some readers may have already seen the article by Bret Stephens that cites me. In a superb new book, “Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of Millennial Experience,” Boston University’s Richard Landes notes just how pervasive this kind of impulse has been throughout history and acros...

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CESNUR Paper: Bahai Dissent by Bei Dawei
Post Source: bahairants.com
Posted: Jul 02 2011 00:43:22

On the heels of the conference in Canada, Intellectual Othering & the Baha’i Question in Iran , Center for Studies on New Religions (cesnur) held its international conference in Taipei, Taiwan . Among the papers presented was “Baha’i and Subud dissent: Developments in t...

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“L’URSS e l’affare Nazino…”
Post Source: edio71.splinder.com
Posted: May 15 2011 01:02:18

 &nbs p;   Per affare Nazino si intende un esperimento sociale di sopravvivenza effettuato dalle autorità sovietiche nel 1933 presso l' isola di Nazino , a circa 800 km a nord di Tomsk , nel distretto Alexandrovsky  dell' Oblast' di Tomsk e coinvolgente all&#...

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Shared Text/MailBag: Using Harry Potter in Therapy
Post Source: www.hogwartsprofessor.com
Posted: Apr 20 2011 21:21:38

I spend more time answering mail, believe it or not, than I do writing blog posts, which is understandable. Responding to kind letters — and most of the e-owls I get are very kind — is a treat and putting together my thoughts here requires significantly more effort. Answering mail is eas...

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