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W3C Validation
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 12 2011 15:22:24

W3C Validator: A Spell & Grammar Checker for Website Code To make a good customer impression on the web, businesses owners need to ensure a clean and clear website. One way is by using a W3C validator. Think of it this way; if you were writing an important report or a letter to a customer, you wo...

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Did Jonathan Schwartz Endorse Android’s Cleanroom Java Implementation?
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 26 2011 15:47:15

A November 5th blog posting by Sun’s former CEO, Jonathon Schwartz, is being widely held as a smoking gun that undermines Oracle&r squo;s lawsuit against Android . But does it? I’m obviously a big Android booster (which, as most readers have noticed, does not make me a Goog...

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Famed activist-programmer charged with hacking MIT, academic journal
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 19 2011 16:40:02

Aaron Swartz, seen at a 2008 Creative Commons event, faces federal charges of hacking an academic journal and posting its content online. (Photo: Creative Commons) A Cambridge man faces federal charges of hacking, U.S. attorneys revealed Tuesday, but not of personal information such as So...

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Google Font Previewer
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 11 2011 15:44:19

Google has released a tool which lets you preview and live-edit fonts which are part of the Google Font API. It’s called  Google Font Previewer  and features fonts like Vollkorn, Lobster, Cardo and Reanie Beanie. Once you’re done tweaking a font, you can copy the HTML snippet Google shows into...

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Improving DOM Performance for HTML5 Games
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 08 2011 18:19:51

So you’ve chosen to use the DOM for your game instead of SVG or canvas. Great! Using the DOM is a great all-around solution, and this article will look into four ways to update game objects in the DOM to find which performs best. The tests used for the graphs involved changing the position of...

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Explaining SEO In Under 30 Minutes
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 06 2011 18:08:25

First… Who Are We Talking About Here? There are all types of search engines on the web today. Big ones. Small ones. Search engines covering specific niches and industries etc. But when we’re talking about SEO we’re talking about the major ones. These include: Google: the behem...

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Google Employees Explain What It’s Like Working at Google
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 05 2011 12:41:43

There’s an interesting thread today over at Reddit, where Google employees are asked to describe their experiences working for the Internet giant. The replies are anonymous, and should thus be taken with a grain of salt. But some seem genuine, revealing some fascinating tidbits about Googl...

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YouTube Made a Custom Progress Bar for Nyan Cat
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 18 2011 16:41:58

According to the recently acquired online database of internet culture Know Your Meme , Nyan Cat (aka Pop Tar Cat) is an “8-bit animation depicting a cat with the body of a cherry pop tart flying through outer space.” On April 5, 2011, YouTuber saraj00n took an animated version ...

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Me on the Web
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 16 2011 18:40:29

Admit it. You’ve Googled yourself. If I were to say that to my grandparents when they were alive, they would have called me crazy. Google used to mean a ’1′ followed by a hundred zeroes. ( It also was a book in 1913 about crazy creatures. ) But now people Google themsel...

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Trucos y Doodles de Google
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 04 2011 21:00:46

...oco ( http://www .googleloc ), un buscador en donde la frase “Google Loco” se mueve a un ritmo realmente alocado. Por su parte, Make google logo black and white ( http://blo goscoped.c om/blackan dwhite/ ), es un truco que nos permite transformar el colorido ...

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