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11 Auto weblog with awesome blog designs!
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 08 2011 18:38:12

Automotive industry is one of the biggest industry in the world, it’s got shine, glamour and best of the lot speed! And for a blog to be successful in automotive blogs category, they need to have all those qualities as well. Today in our inspirational blog design series we bring forward some...

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1967 Ford C-Cab Fire Truck, a subasta el ganador del Ridler Award de 1968
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 21 2011 19:00:56

Ganar el Ridler Award en el Detroit Autorama no es una tarea sencilla. Se podría decir que ese premio es equivalente a ser el mejor Hot Rod del año o en una lejana distancia, ganar el premio al Coche del Año pero con un Hot Rod. Desde 1953, el Detroit Autorama es el salón del Hot-Rodding más impor...

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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1930 Ford woody limo
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 16 2011 21:39:19

Street rodders are nothing if not creative, as we see from this Ford-based street rod (the seller calls it a ’30, so presumably that’s what’s on the title) fitted with a stretch limo woody body and for sale on If there’s another like it in the world, we&...

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Daily Links for July 14th through July 15th
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 15 2011 15:00:13

For authors: This is not a linkblog. These are curated links, added by a human being. Trackbacks and links appreciated. Greg's Cable Map or would people start to ask why the wealth of knowledge and culture was being enclosed within restrictive laws, when “another world is possible&...

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SIA Flashback – Royal Ragtop: Chrysler’s Convertible Rarity
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 10 2011 12:30:41

Of the many bodystyles that have come and gone throughout automotive history, none appear to have ferried more dignitaries than the convertible sedan, yet it’s always surprising to see just how few were actually built. Take, for instance, the 1936-1937 Chrysler Royal convertible sedan, as desc...

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Black Corvettes All in a Row
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 07 2011 11:18:04

Mecum Auctions created a bunch of buzz at the recent Bloomington Gold event, by parading a collection of 23 black Corvettes six miles through St. Charles, Illinois, under police escort to its auction site at Pheasant Run Resort . The black Corvettes – all from one man’s colle...

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Jack’s 12 Gauge Garage is made from cheap do-it-yourself material
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 02 2011 08:00:07

Salini Pillai: Jack’s 12 Gauge Garage Jack’s DIY 12 Gauge Garage Most of the garages have a messy look. However, if you look inside the the 12 Gauge Garage of Jack Olson, you will be amazed with the cleanliness around. Based out of Los Angeles, Jack Olson loves to work on his Porsch...

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Calling all TR2s
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 27 2011 18:13:31

The TR2 Survivor List is searching for all remaining Triumph TR2s, whether they are original, restored or just parts cars. The TR2 was built for only three years, 1953-’55; the registry only has about 1,800 TR2s in its database, yet 8,636 TR2s were made for worldwide production. The first TR â...

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Honda CBX Turbo Six Reborn
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 27 2011 18:13:31

The schism regarding turbocharged motorcycles is clear. One side maintains that adding the weight and complexity of a turbocharger to a motorcycle is the worst idea ever. Others believe the combination of Eighties motorcycle technology, TURBO spelled out in sci-fi typefaces, and an unpredictable pow...

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Four-Links – Virgo, pedestrian strainer, retro ads, sidecar sailing
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 25 2011 15:11:52

* Can’t decide between a dune buggy and a sports car? Back in 1970, Beau Hickory had the ideal solution, and he called it the Virgo. Geoff Hacker at Forgotten Fiberglass has the story on the dual-purpose machine. * Use for a Ford flathead V-8, No. 45,607: Connect it to a propeller and scoot ...

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