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BAMcinemaFest: Weekend, Letters from the Big Man, and The Color Wheel
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 14 2011 14:17:18

This is the first in a series of dispatches pertaining to this year’s BAMcinemaFest , which runs from June 16th through June 26th. After bracing the buckling collision of books, bad advice, and crass commercialism known as BookExpo America, I retreated to the air conditioned confines ...

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4 Tips and Tricks for more Legible Content
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 29 2011 14:00:06

div.image-container img { width: auto !important ; } age-contai ner.small img { width:220px !important; } These tips and tricks will help you design more readable content for screen readers. Readability & legibility are both areas of interest in accessibility and typographic design, a...

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