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externalities, smoking, and the DMCA
Post Source:
Posted: Feb 07 2011 01:53:57

Responding to Joe Gregorio : Joe, I don’t think giving tobacco companies a “safe harbor” is realistic in this case. People will still smoke. A better approach may be to tax the companies producing cigarettes. Cigarettes have a very inelastic demand so the companies should be abl...

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Structural Regular Expressions in C#
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 25 2010 15:22:53

When I read Joe Gregorio’s sregex: Structural Regular Expressions in Python last October I thought porting his code to C# would provide an interesting exercise in C# functional style coding. Structural regular expressions were originally described in a paper by Rob Pike (available here ...

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Ce que j’ai vu cette semaine !
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 11 2010 07:00:57

Une semaine intense, deux livraisons, de nouveaux projets à l’agence et toujours la mutation annoncé ! Voici ce que j’ai réussi à voir entre deux RDV, deux réunions, deux projets ! Bonne lecture ! Le référencement doit revoir sa copie. 19 tutoriaux pour les développeurs auto...

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