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Portate le vostre idee al Digital Women Camp di Parigi
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 20 2011 07:00:57

Il Digital Women Camp di Parigi, che si tiene oggi 20 settembre 2011 dalle 19 alle 23 presso La Cantine , ha lo scopo di promuovere una riflessione collettiva su 1) l’uso della tecnologia digitale per migliorare la società e 2) trovare idee concrete per il cambiamento. E tutti poss...

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BarCamp Kerala – The Zero Budget BarCamp – only 6 more days
Post Source:
Posted: Aug 11 2011 09:55:36

... wiki stats shows 7 speakers and 41 registered participants. As the event date approaches more registrations are expected. If you have not yet added yourselves to the wiki please do so now http://bar arCampKera la As announced earlier, the event will be on 24th November at Zeni...

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Happy Birthday reBarCamp!
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 25 2011 17:09:24 July 2008 marked the very first, Real Estate barcamp or rebarcamp. If you’re not familiar with the concept, I suggest starting at the web site, and while it’s in need of an update and a little TLC, can give you some insight as well. Since that first event in ’08, hundreds of rebc’s have ta...

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Championship: Don’t count Ottawa out
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 18 2011 15:06:59

This is the 25th article in a continuing series that examines the state of the ecosystem necessary to successfully bring technology to market. Based on dozens of interviews with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, business leaders, academics, tech-transfer experts and policy makers,...

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Sticking it Old School
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 04 2011 14:00:09

Here’s a shot from our team’s first monthly planning session last week, courtesy of Joey 1 . Even though we have a huge amount of technology at our disposal, sticking post-its on the wall was the perfect way to prioritize our tasks for the next four weeks. Of course the first thing we ...

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Indie Web Camping
Post Source:
Posted: Jul 01 2011 23:21:18

It seems like just a fortnight ago that I was in the States for An Event Apart Atlanta . Wait a minute …it was just a fortnight ago! It would be utter madness, then, for me to willingly make another trip across the Atlantic so soon after that. And yet, that’s exactly what I did for Ind...

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Ready for Paris? See you there in October!
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 30 2011 15:20:55

It seems I’m continuing my pattern of posting less here, which I find to be a disappointing yet apparently an unescapable trend. If you haven’t seen my “dents” and “twe ets” on the side of this page, feel free to follow me on (charl esschulz&# 41; ...

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Are Italian coworking spaces 10% of all spaces in the world? No.
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 29 2011 11:20:24

Deskmag – the online coworking magazine – has published some interesting data on “ how many coworking spaces there are in the world “. (It has also defined our project superb, which made our cheeks go red…). The number in itself (820) doesn’t sa...

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#cowocamp2011. Presentazione di Annamaria Tuan (Cowo Udine/Ufficity).
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 27 2011 12:09:20

Creare una community di coworker non è un lavoro facile. Quello che serve prima di tutto – infatti – è la creazione di valore intorno a uno spazio. E’ un procedimento indiretto e dagli esiti imprevedibili, in quanto prima faccio gli eventi, creo la comunicazione, diffondo il pa...

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FoodCamp2011… che soddisfazione
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 25 2011 06:36:32

Una AMARA soddisfazione! Ricordate il gran lavoro organizzativo fatto per il 1° FoodCamp gluten free ? Ricordate tutti i piccoli/grandi inghippi dell’ultima ora superati? Ricordate la grande soddisfazione che ebbi e che condivisi con voi non arrogandomi mai il diritto di prima donna? ̷...

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