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Bakugan Character
Post Source:
Posted: May 19 2010 14:39:25

...HAL-G, he immediately ordered Carnival in an attempt to crush the bakugan Standing in his way buy bakugan Battle game http://ast .com/bakug an.battle. brawlers.s ale-20 credit http://www .bakugan.c om/en/univ erse/chara cters_masq uerade.htm l Friends Link : I Inc Elim...

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Attention Entrepreneurs How to Magically and Easily Increase your Sales Revenue
Post Source:
Posted: Mar 03 2010 19:25:15

It’s 11:32 am.  I’m standing at the checkout counter at the Toys R Us store on the outskirts of Rochester.  I just bought a Leap Frog reader thingamajig for my daughter, and a bakugan set for my son.  In case you’ve been living on Mars, bakugan is the latest craze for boys, ...

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Decorating for Kids: A Quick Tip
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 18 2010 12:50:34

How much freedom to you give your kids in decorating their bedrooms? In one sense, I’m lucky because my boys (so far) don’t have strong opinions about things like comforters and paint colors. However, when my older son started rumbling about wanting a Star Wars bedroom like one o...

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Programming, Circuitry, Arduino, Robotics and Bakugan
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 17 2009 23:49:02

What a crazy mix!  We recently put on a Desert Code Camp Jr event as part of Gangplank Jr .  The morning started off by letting kids create their own programs using the Scratch programming environment from MIT .  Then we had a multi-bracket bakugan tournament with some seriously cool Bakuga...

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Post Source:
Posted: Nov 26 2009 10:26:00

Há coisas verdadeiramente espantosas. E deve mesmo ser verdade que a mente tem "repa rtições& quot; insondáveis. Não sendo regra é normal lembrar-me dos sonhos que tenho ao dormir. Pelo menos ao acordar ou nos momentos próximos disso. Já aqui dei conta disso ao referir que tinha so...

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New, Lower-Price Toys in High Demand This Holiday Season
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 25 2009 21:21:35

Though boys and girls alike are still pining for videogames, shoppers will be focusing more on purchasing the lower-priced — but still popular — toys of the season. “With companies offering great prices on toys this year, shoppers may want to act fast if they have one of those it...

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Wishlist Wednesday: Home for the Holidays
Post Source:
Posted: Nov 25 2009 18:45:16

Christmas is now only 4 weeks away, and it’s coming up quickly. This year my Christmas will be much different than the past five years because we will be sharing the morning with my parents and my sister. In the past we would celebrate the morning alone as just our family then drive from in-la...

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Bakugan Ultimate Battle Tour with Designer Luke Peterschmidt
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 29 2009 02:06:25

This past weekend in Gaithersburg, Maryland, my daughter and I attended the bakugan Ultimate Battle Tour . Neither of us had played bakugan before, but we still had a lot of fun. If you go, be prepared for a bit of a wait. When we arrived on Sunday there were a few hundred people in line, and I h...

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The Live-in Boyfriend, The Monkey, and The Books
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 27 2009 16:34:37

For much of my life, we had no TV. When we finally got one, it was a tiny black and white set with a wire hanger antenna and broken knobs. Therefore, my main form of entertainment was reading. I loved going to the comic book store with my cousin . We’d spend hours perusing the boxes to find tha...

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