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Chrome surpasses Firefox usage in StatCounter statistics
Post Source:
Posted: Dec 02 2011 13:00:29

Chrome has been around for what feels like a long time. It has managed to capture a large chunk of mindshare from the technorati since its launch in September 2008, and according to StatCounter , it has surpassed Firefox Global usage for the first time, ever. StatCounter says it uses actual brows...

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[Possible Spam Post detected]
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Posted: Oct 26 2011 00:59:03

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The world is filled with people who take pride in never having...
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 25 2011 15:21:07

The world is filled with people who take pride in never having played Angry Birds, or who turn their noses up at iPhone games in general. Let them. There was a legitimate case to be made for the possibility of Angry Birds winning game of the year from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, no...

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Daily Links For Tuesday
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 11 2011 05:01:00

Contributed by Wil Alambre over the course of  October 11th … Call Of Cthulu ala Dr Seuss DeviantArt gallery users DrFaustusAU has been putting together HP Lovecraft’s "Call Of Cthulu" story in...

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Daily Links For Monday
Post Source:
Posted: Oct 03 2011 05:01:00

Contributed by Max Chiriac and Wil Alambre over the course of  October 3rd … Google turns Analytics to Real-Time Google Analytics is now available in real-time for selected number of accounts. And will be av...

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Daily Links For Friday
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 30 2011 05:01:00

Contributed by Wil Alambre over the course of  September 30th … The Canadian DMCA "This bill delivers a common-sense balance between the interests of consumers and the rights of the creative community," or so its claimed. Strange. I neve...

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Daily Links For Wednesday
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 28 2011 05:01:00

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