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Ho fatto cose
Post Source:
Posted: May 12 2010 06:35:45

...rcoz ). Nel frattempo a Mwala…......

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Developers on Google Wave
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 04 2009 15:11:59

I initially planned to write up some detailed thoughts on the Google Wave video and the Google Wave Federation protocol . However the combination of the fact that literally millions of people have watched the video [according to YouTube] and I’ve had enough private conversations with oth...

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The story continues…
Post Source:
Posted: Jun 02 2009 17:40:41

Seems that my leave has not impacted Sourcesense capabilities of delivering great Alfresco contributions. Good stuff Big up Ugo !......

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Road to nowhere
Post Source:
Posted: Jan 25 2009 19:42:21

Just thought I’d share a tweet posted earlier today…just an example why all GPS devices must remind users to have a good dose of common sense when blindly taking turn by turn directions. This isn’t the only ‘oops’ found on Google Maps Streetview, so share if you h...

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fanatismo o follia?
Post Source:
Posted: Sep 09 2008 06:44:31

Dice un pastore protestante, a riguardo della Palin (candidato vicepresidente americano a fianco di McCain), che il suo passato religioso viene sottovalutato e che il partito stia cercando di minimizzarlo perché potrebbe essere imbarazzante. E cosa ci sarà mai di imbarazzante ad essere ...

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