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Buying a vintage car?
Post Source: everythingaboutcars.net
Posted: Apr 15 2009 00:56:37

Have you ever thought of buying a vintage car of your own? If so, then the 1965 Pontiac Bonneville might interest you. It is a large car (its size was common in the 1960's), and weighs approximately around 3,900 lbs. Now, you ask, what so good about this car? The weight of the c...

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2009 Ford Fiesta ST
Post Source: abouteuropeancars.com
Posted: Sep 14 2008 11:21:47

Image Source: carplace.com.br The Ford Fiesta made a quick appearance in the US during the 1970s before going back to Europe. There, it has gone through generations of technological development. And news has been spreading that Ford most likely will return again with the next generation Ford...

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2009 Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Post Source: europeancarguide.com
Posted: Sep 14 2008 11:12:02

Image Source: google.com.ph As we all know, Mercedes Benz engaged in the ever growing “mini” car business. It introduced its A-Class in 1997. And received much criticism of how the car was terribly built. It simply did not help make the case for the small car . Just recently, t...

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2009 Volkswagen Scirocco
Post Source: abouteuropeancars.com
Posted: Aug 20 2008 13:32:15

Image source: www.thetor quereport. com Way back in the 1970’s, the first Volkswagen Scirocco was introduced and just a racy skin draped over the framework of the then-new Rabbit S er, Golf. This year Volkswagen repeated that same method with the introduction of a new front-drive Scirocco th...

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The 2009 Honda Pilot
Post Source: aboutjapanesecars.com
Posted: Aug 10 2008 13:15:56

Image Source: www.tuningnews.net Honda created a 2009 version of its mid-sized SUV Honda Pilot . 2009 Honda Pilot is just a little heavy compared to the early versions, but it is definitely worth the weight. 2009 Honda Pilot can carry 8 passengers because it has 3 rows of passenger’s seats and ...

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