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9210. minijuegos.com
9209. homecooking.about.com
9208. bellagio.com
9212. japan.cnet.com
9213. irobot.com
9214. plasticbag.org

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Geek Spotlight: Is "Duke Nukem Forever" Gaming’s Biggest Blunder?
Post Source: populationgo.com
Posted: Jun 27 2011 20:00:06

Duke Nukem Forever has been literally ages in the making. And according to much of the gaming press, it isn’t worth the disc it’s printed on. How could a game that is so long in the making be so bad? How could such a high profile title be terrible enough to earn such miserable reviews from othe...

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Prometido desde antes da fundação do Google, novo Duke Nukem chega esta semana às lojas
Post Source: www.guladigital.com
Posted: Jun 15 2011 13:03:54

“Vim aqui pra dar porrada e mascar chiclete. Só que acabou o meu chiclete.” Se você sabe de onde vem essa frase, então com certeza também sabe que essa semana marca a chegada de um dos lançamentos mais aguardados dos últimos anos no mundo dos games: Duke Nukem Forever, a continuaç...

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Premières impressions sur Duke Nukem Forever
Post Source: www.nightangel.fr
Posted: Jun 11 2011 21:24:06

Douze ans qu’on l’at tendait... ou qu’on ne l’attendait presque plus, la suite de Duke Nukem 3D est enfin arrivée ! Inutile de vous dire que le grand fan que je suis n’a pas attendu une seule seconde pour foncer l’acheter à la première heure. Je reconnais a...

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Duke Nukem Never Comes Early
Post Source: www.barryodonovan.com
Posted: Jun 02 2011 09:24:14

I’m not a gamer and I never played Duke Nukem. But I was always taken by this article: “ Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem ” which is required reading for anyone developing software products. On May 6, 2009, everything ended. Drained of funds after so many years of ...

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Why We Do What We Do
Post Source: rpg.brainclouds.net
Posted: May 25 2011 15:39:37

Over ten years ago (god, has it really been that long?!?) I was part of a team called the Redeemed Assassins, creating a "total conversion" for Half-Life called "The Opera" . It wasn’t an easy time for anyone involved in the group; there was a lot of personal tu...

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30 Days of Gaming – Day 24: Favourite classic game
Post Source: ma.rkus.nl
Posted: May 02 2011 13:18:00

Ja, dat ligt er maar aan wat je als ‘classic game’ definieert. Wikipedia noemt het ‘ retrogaming ’ en geeft daar een opsomming van consoles: onder andere de Atari 2600, (S)NES, Mega Drive en PlayStation worden genoemd. Ook de PC kent veel retrogames, op onder andere de Commod...

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Duke Nukem Forever: PS3 Details and Duke’s PlayStation Roots
Post Source: www.playstationspot.net
Posted: Apr 20 2011 19:12:39

Not so long ago, the whole of gaming faced a terrible evil – a threat so grave that few knew of its true scope, a threat so intense that even fewer were capable fighting back. The greatest video game hero ' Duke Nukem, our King' was on the verge of being lost forever. A world wit...

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