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Yellow Bricks Vol 3

Post Date: Dec 16, 2011 10:37 a.m.
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By Wai Trask When Erik and I came up with the idea for Sound Colour Vibration’s Yellow Bricks series, our main objective was to give to you, our readers, a little change of pace by featuring a little bit of everything we receive on a daily basis. This is definitely one of my favorite series because I am able to really sit down and take time to enjoy new material that doesn’t consist of hours and days of research; I’m able to become one of you and get that sneak peek of what’s in the works and what’s to come. This is a very special segment of Yellow Bricks. Yellow Bricks Vol. 3 is an exclusive feature on the new and the epic of international cinema. From Brazil to Japan, this special feature is bound to have you captivated by the cinematic masterpieces coming to a theatre near ...

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