Tim Donner drops out of U. S. Senate race in Virginia (://URLFAN)

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Tim Donner drops out of U. S. Senate race in Virginia

Post Date: Dec 28, 2011 1:03 p.m.
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Tim Donner is officially out of the U. S. Senate race in Virginia. Citing an inability for the anti-Allen voters to coalesce around one candidate and too much establishment support for Allen, Donner is gracefully bowing out of the race to “live to fight another day.” Donner, along with the other challengers to Allen, has not been able to garner enough support to mount a serious challenge to the former governor. Tea party types and grassroots coalitions were unable to coalesce around a single candidate, allowing George Allen a virtually unimpeded path to the nomination. This will not be the last we hear of the northern Virginia businessman, as he has stated that he’s “not going away” and will “stay in the fight.” ...

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