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Renew, Recharge and Relax at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort!

Post Date: Apr 12, 2011 9:54 a.m.
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Relax in the beauty of your luxury tent Should a spring storm stir across the Pacific Ocean, you’ll be tucked safely away in the luxury of your tent suite on the bluff of the spectacular Rockwater Secret Cove Resort! Following a peaceful sleep, enjoy a breakfast fit for champions…or ‘glam-pers’ each morning! Getaway includes two nights accommodation in a tent suite, with breakfast for two each morning.  And to sweeten the escape, BC Ferries has included return ferry passage for  one car/driver and passenger to the spectacular Sunshine Coast! Go for a hike, walk the beaches, explore some of the fantastic art studios, or maybe even head out on the water in a kayak for two…just be sure to enjoy and have fun any time of the year! Advance reservations required. ...

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