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Marty Braemer: The Other Woman Speaks (And It’s Not Pretty)

Post Date: Aug 12, 2009 2:48 a.m.
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Backstory: Pastor Marty Braemer Resigns? Marty Braemer Update: Blogger Says Yes, It’s Adultery Marty Braemer: Yep, He Sinned. Dwayne’s got the story at Christian School Confidential, under a very apt headline: BLAME THE VICTIM! Now playing at the FFF. The ‘other woman’ in the Marty Braemer affair just posted her side of the story at the FFF. Now, everyone there is supportive of Marty, but when the woman comes on with her very real grief, they turn on her in the grand tradition of ‘blaming the victim’. Who started the affair? Does it even matter? Still, the real story is not Braemer, or the woman involved, but the ‘blame the victim’ mentality being demonstrated at the FFF. All the ‘Christian love’ is now being c...

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