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Get to Know Us: Purchasing Team

Post Date: Dec 16, 2011 6:59 a.m.
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This is a new type of post, but collages seemed like fun, so we decided to give it a spin. What’s the collage about? Simply put, it’s about our head buyer – the one who makes all purchasing decisions. You’ll probably never talk to or see her face-to-face, but when you browse our online shop, she’s shopping right along with you because she’s handpicked every single product. We wanted to know where she drew inspiration from to curate’s extensive collection and thought you’d be curious, too. Footnotes (clockwise, from top left): Starbucks Tazo Green Tea Latte  - Mmm! I rarely order anything larger than a “tall,” but with this delicious green tea latte, it’s always at least a “grande!” ...

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